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Friday, September 08, 2006

NO Revival - Saints Nearly Sell Out Season Tickets

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Now we saints fans catch a lot of flack from other folks around the country due to our lack of success over the years, but one thing is for sure: saints fans are the most tested, loyal, and prideful fans in the NFL. Through thick and thin we stick with our team, and after one of the most devestating natural disasters in our country's history, we have now set a record for season tickets sold at over 65K.

After all of the drama surrounding the team last year regarding relocation to San Antonio, a dismal 3 win season, and more questions than answers surrounding the team in general, the fans have stepped it up again at a time where fans have precious little to give.

And for the large part it goes unoticed in the national media, both sports and mainstream news alike. To me it is a powerful gesture of hope and renewed spirit in the city and surrounding area that his been kicked down time and time again. Wanna know if New Orleans has the character and will to come back stronger and better than ever? Look no further than the Superdome on Sundays, especially on Sept 25th for a historical Monday night when New Orleans will make its voice heard en masse. You might want to keep your eye on a guy named Reggie...............

Link: Saints close to sell out for season


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