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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mud Slinging - GOP to step up negative ads for upcoming elections

With Republican candidates losing favor in many polls across the country, and sixty days left until pivotal house and senate elections, the republicans are reaching deep to hold their incumbents...........into the mud. They are fixing to spend 50 million dollars on ads meant to "define" opponents negatively. While this is nothing new, it does surprise me the candor that the GOP is showing while outwardly stooping as low as they are right now. And it is all due to the fact that their internal polling has alarmingly indicated that many of their incumbents are getting less than 45% of the vote.

It seems to me that maybe they should try on focusing on the problems with their own policies and promoting their superior vision and morality, like they have been since they harnessed the power of conservative Christian movement during the Reagan's rise to the presidency many years ago. But, with their backs against the wall, the party representing the supposed "moral majority" is reaching deep in dirt to do some ol' fashioned mudslinging. Be careful now GOP, some of that mud might end up on yourselves if you're not careful. Here's hoping so.....

- Dude out

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