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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Condolences to the Raider Nation - Brooks makes his Raider debut

Well, his offensive line and offensive coordinator didn't do him any favor's, but he looked like the same ol' AB to me. He still takes too long to make decisions, falls over at the slightest touch like a drunk man standing on a skate board, and still just shrugs off his miscues like he is just counting the minutes until he gets to "clock out" again and cash that paycheck.

Maybe I'm being a little harsh on the guy, but it is a shame to watch someone with all of the physical tools to be great, but none of the mental. I just feel sorry for raider fans. I know the feeling; it's like being really excited after getting a brand new sportscar with all of the buttons and whistle's, only to find out when you take it for a drive that there's nothing under the hood.

I have a feeling his welcome, if not worn out already, is on it's way. He used to always make backhanded comments on how tough the fans were on him in New Orleans. I have a feeling that the fans in Oakland are going to show him how tough fans can get when you don't perform on the field.

The dude's advice to the raiders: no matter how strong his arm is, how quick he is, or how spectacular he might look at times, it'll never add up to the mistakes and miscues he makes. Cut your losses and move on to plan B before it gets uglier.

-Dude out


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