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Friday, March 25, 2005

A Sliver of Politcal Hope

Is there any law or piece of legislation so inherently unconstitutional that it could bring together the likes of The Amercian Civil Liberties Union, The American Conservative Union, Americans For Tax Reform, and the Free Congress Foundation. How about the USA Patriot Act? Yep, that's right, right and left come together to question the constitutionality of this invasive law. I know this is no suprise to anyone, but it is still great to see conservative and liberal groups come together to lobby congress to take a hard look at this law. The obvious anwser will be that there are portions of this act are blatantly unconstitutional and should be removed. With all of these fuzzy feelings between party groups, surely the president and his cabinet are in agreement to at least the premise of their vision.....right?

Bush and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, whose powers the law has greatly expanded, have called for the act's renewal. Gonzales has suggested that provisions expanding the government's surveillance and prosecutorial powers against suspected terrorists, their associates, and financiers should be strengthened.

"Debate about government exercise of powers that might infringe upon privacy or civil liberties, I think that's an appropriate debate," Gonzales told a recent meeting of the National Association of Counties. "But it's got to be a real debate, one based on facts. And I've yet to hear a strong argument as to why the Patriot Act should not be reauthorized."

Oh well, I said sliver of hope......



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