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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It was only a matter of time.......Jesse Jackson joins fight to save Terri Schiavo

Well, the circus that has become Terri Schiavo and her family, has come to its pinnacle. Rev. Jesse Jackson has offered his support in the effort to reinsert the feeding tube that was artificially keeping a terminally braindamaged and non-cognitive Terri Schaivo alive. Although it is not a surprise to see the civil-rights leader side with Schiavo's parents, being that he is Jesse Jackson, it is a surprise to see how much he really doesn't understand the situation:

In his statement, Jackson added, "a consistent moral and ethical position would extend a feeding tube to all who are confronted with starvation -- to demand public, government policy to feed the hungry."

This begs the question: Is Terri Schiavo hungry? She certainly has no way of expressing it. This probably has something to do with the fact that she is braindead, and not concious of her surroundings or self. This is the consensus of the medical community which has looked at this case over and over again. Why is it so bad to let someone die a natural death Jesse? Many people die in this fashion peacefully, it is the way that a good deal of us will pass away. Why not let her pass on to a better life in the thereafter? It is what naturally would have happened long ago. Why do some of us who feel so strongly about our religious beliefs, struggle so mightily to stay God's hand? For the love of God, let this poor woman die in peace.



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