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Monday, March 28, 2005

Dude, it's just a soccer game.....

That is what I have to say to Mexican football fans. During their world cup qualifier defeat of the US national team, mexican football fans acted about as classless as they possibly could. Some of their in-game activities included: booing the star-spangled banner, chanting "Osama" after our one and only goal, and trampling US flags. All because we defeated them at the last world cup. I know football is THE sport in Mexico, and a vehicle of great national pride for them, but the actions of those fans were simply babaric. I can't imagine what they would have done if they lost again.

As for the American team, they cannot play that conservative and expect to win against a side like Mexico. They played two forwards, who played about as sluggish as I've ever seen them, and 5 halfbacks who stayed behind center line most of the game. We also need some leadership in the backfield. I expected better play out of the likes of Masteroni and Bocanegra. In the end, maybe the thin air (Azteca Stadium lies over 7,000ft in the air) had a lot to do with their sluggish play, but I hope it changes their intitial gameplan for the next time they meet. Next up, another qualifier match with Guatemala on Tuesday.


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