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Monday, December 13, 2004

Rev. Falwell "invigorated" by 2004 elections

Great news for the fundamentalist psycho's (aka evangilists), that were lobbying hard for GWB to get back in office. Looks like he is already starting his work on getting another social conservative into office in 2008. It's good to also see he is still finding time to spread the word of god, for a price of course. As a matter of fact, you can still sign up to cruise with Jerry Fawell from London to New York City. For starting at $3k, you get gourmet dining on the Queen Mary 2, inspirational seminars at sea, guided tours, parties, spa treatments, and...the word of god. Who could pass up such inspirational lectures such as: "Ten Steps to Personal Victory" and "The Passion of Christ and How Near is Armageddon". Sign up by visiting , where you can also sign up for the Liberty Home Bible institute (a steal at $1,250.00) or even sign up for Gift Annuity at LUF with returns up to 11.3%! What a guy!