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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Dude, That is Deep.....

Well, a graduate student with a lot of uhmm "time" and "imagination" on his hands has taken the liberty to publish his research into the root meanings of the word "Dude". He contends that it is not just a word for surfers, teenagers, slackers, Lebowski's, and Keanu Reeves. Here is what the scholar himself has to say about the power and meaning of "Dude":

Kiesling says in the fall edition of American Speech that the word derives its power from something he calls cool solidarity — an effortless kinship that’s not too intimate.
Cool solidarity is especially important to young men who are under social pressure to be close with other young men, but not enough to be suspected as gay.

Cool solidarity, I like the sound of that. And, that would explain the dude's aggression towards the video artist. And it kind of explains the demeanor of Keanu solidarity....whoa dude!

One more quote:
An admitted dude-user during his college years, Scott Kiesling said the four-letter word has many uses

Dude-user huh! Something tells me that "Dude" wasn't the only thing he was using during his college years..

"Dude" out man.........(pluetonically)



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