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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Can Rumsfield take a hint? Sen. Trent Lott calls for Rumsfield head

His fellow republicans seem to be coming out of the woodworks against him now. The other day, Sen. John McCain was calling for his head, and now Trent Lott is firing off against him. At this point, I am wondering who in hell actually supports this guy besides GWB. It's kind of funny how a little thing like a soldier pointing out the obvious at a news conference to him can affect the way his pals in the GOP think about him. The wolves are out now, and his head is being called for. I love how he acts like the issue of Rumsfield (and Bush is just as guilty) not listening to his military advisors is now coming to his attention all of a sudden:

"I'm not a fan of Secretary Rumsfeld," Lott, R-Mississippi, told the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday morning. "I don't think he listens enough to his uniformed officers."

Yeah, I don't either. Let's see how Mr. Lott reacted to this same line of questioning back in October of 2003 when interviewed by CNN's Paula Zahn:

ZAHN: But you raised the critical question of the right mix of forces. And you really mentioned the need for more M.P.s. I have been in e-mail contact with the mother of a tank commander whose son now is an M.P. And she describes an excruciating detail a kid she says that is no more trained to do that than any other 100 jobs that he hasn't been trained to do. He goes door to door doing searches.And there are some 40,000 soldiers in Iraq lacking the heavy-duty armor they need. How is that happening? Why is that happening?

LOTT: First, most of our troops are dual-trained. They are capable of doing more than one assignment. And from what I have seen of tank commanders, they are usually very capable men and women that can do almost anything with just a little bit of information. We certainly need to make sure they have the equipment they need. And the money that we just are in the process of passing through the Congress that's already passed the House and Senate would provide more funds for things like better-enforced Humvees, I guess better protection jackets.

Well, its a good thing that Mr. Lott was so aware of the problems of our soldiers in Iraq that he was taking care of them back in 2003. Otherwise, we might have soldiers that don't have the proper equipment that they derserve. He of course went on in that interview to defend Rumsfields plan of action in Iraq and the same ol "we're doing better than you think in Iraq" speech that we have heard so often by the right over the past year. Just another case of the rabid GOP dogs turning on eachother...But, make no mistake Mr. Lott is NOT calling officially for Mr. Rumsfields resignation, he would just like to see him go away:

"I would like to see a change in that slot in the next year or so," Lott said. "I'm not calling for his resignation, but I think we do need a change at some point."

What a chickenshit statement! I don't want him to "resign", but I don't think he is doing his job. Whatever, dude.......



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