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Friday, November 05, 2004

Sports: Saints - Week 9 vs. Chargers Analysis

Vegas: Chargers by 61/2 pts

SAINTS TEAM RANK: Rushing Offense -- 93.3 yards per game (26th in NFL); Passing Offense -- 232.7 ypg (11th); Total Offense -- 326.0 ypg (16th). Rushing Defense -- 141.3 ypg (29th); Passing Defense -- 275.4 ypg (31st); Total Defense -- 416.7 ypg (31st).

CHARGERS TEAM RANK: Rushing Offense -- 134.1 yards per game (9th); Passing Offense -- 204.9 ypg (20th); Total Offense -- 339.0 ypg (13th). Rushing Defense -- 81.5 ypg (1st); Passing Defense -- 249.1 ypg (28th); Total Defense -- 330.6 ypg (14th).

Duder's Keys to Victory

- The saints must apply pressure on Drew Brees. The front four will most likely get Darren Howard back, and hopefully Sullivan will pick up his play. If we can't get pressure, we've got to create it with blitzes. Please don't rush 3 on 3rd and long Mr. Venturi, the dude begs you..

- PUT SOME POINTS UP EARLY! No more conservative sets on the first few drives. Lets spread out the offense and make them guess. We need to stop playing from behind.

- Run Duece run. Keeping the opposing D guessing early will allow us to build a lead and give em hell with Duece, who is healthy again and should see 20+ touches this week.

- LT's bum ankle. Sad, I know but LT's ankle has him limited as of late to what he can do. He has been a more North and South runner, and can't make the cuts he's used to. The word is he has even been downgraded to questionable this week.

Players to watch:
DT Johnathan Sullivan - this might be his coming out party after a week of intense practicing. Has he finally put his lackluster attiutude behind him?

CB Mike McKenzie - With another couple of weeks to learn the system and become more comfortable, he should shut down Keenan McCardell this week.

RB Duece McAllister - Look for him to have a huge game, despite the Chargers good run defense. He is healthy, and will have an impact on it one way or another.

TE Antonio Gates - If the Chargers beat us with the passing game, it will be largely b/c the play of Gates. We haven't picked up tight ends well so far this year, and the Chargers love to sneek him into coverage. I hope we've properly prepared for this guy, we should have, b/c he is the leading reciever for the Chargers to date.

Bold Prediction: Saints 34 Chargers 28


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