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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Sports - Saints - Saints Roundup

Blacked Out!
Looks like the sell-out streak is officially over. As of Thursday over 4,000 tickets still remain for the Chiefs game this weekend. In actuality, local businesses to this date have been bailing out the last few thousand or so tickets for a while now. Nevertheless, the people of New Orleans have spoken, and if the losing continues the problems will keep compounding for the Saints franchise.

Whitehead back!
God knows we could use him. After all of the hype of a dominant D-line going into the season, the dust has cleared over the half-way point, and if you look back you'll see our D-line bruised, battered, abused, and broken. Any help is good at this point, and Willie Whitehead has always been a fierce competitor and should add a spark to a defense that desperately needs it. We definitely need his pass rushing ability, as we need to get to Trent Green to have a chance. And we might with an ailing Priest Holmes. More on the matchup to come tommorow.

Dude what are you smoking?
Len Pasquareli named RT-Victor Riley as part of his all NFC team at mid-season. Has this guy ever put down a doughnut long enough to actually watch a Saints game? Geez, he picks by far our worst offensive lineman who has recently had much of his playing time going to Spencer Folau due to his pathetic play. If you want to throw a Saint on that team, you'd have to throw Joe Horn. Otherwise, the pickings are far and few between with the exeption of Charles Grant who is rightfully picked on the defensive side. This team is underachieving at all levels and positions right now.


At 11:41 PM, Blogger aurawind said...

Looks like I am going to Lafayette this weekend :), work permitting :(

At 10:40 AM, Blogger Hristo said...

i think with Holmes ailing, they'll still rush for at least 174 yds. a couple weeks ago, Holmes had nice stats for a complete game in one half against the falcons, and they have just as bad a defense as the saints. it's gonna be a long day.


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