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Friday, November 26, 2004

Saints - Week 12 Analysis vs Falcons

Vegas: Falcons by 91/2 pts (ouch!)

Team Rankings:
SAINTS TEAM RANK: Rushing Offense - 89.1 yards per game (28th in NFL); Passing Offense - 239.6 ypg (8th); Total Offense - 328.7 ypg (14th). Rushing Defense - 150.6 ypg (32nd); Passing Defense - 269.9 ypg (32nd); Total Defense - 420.5 ypg (32nd).

FALCONS TEAM RANK: Rushing Offense - 160.3 yards per game (2nd); Passing Offense - 152.6 ypg (30th); Total Offense - 312.9 ypg (20th). Rushing Defense - 97.3 ypg (4th); Passing Defense - 238.8 ypg (28th); Total Defense - 336.1 ypg (20th).

Injury Report:
DOUBTFUL: WR Michael Lewis (Ankle) OLB Derrick Rodgers (Back)
QUESTIONABLE: SS Steve Gleason (Hamstring) G Kendyl Jacox (Knee) CB Mike McKenzie (Knee)

QUESTIONABLE: FB Justin Griffith (Knee)
PROBABLE: DE Brady Smith (Ankle)

Duder's Keys to Victory
- DON'T GET DOWN EARLY!- This totally goes against their M.O. as of late, but the saints must find a way to score early so they can execute their gameplan and control the tempo of the game. Too many games now has Duece been neutralized in effectiveness by getting down big early and often. We have got to change that to have a chance.

- PROTECT BROOKS - We must protect Aaron better, especially with his decision making under pressure. He just doesn't make good decisions under pressure, plain and simple. It isn't all his fault though, b/c the poor guy has been getting bum rushed all season. Our O line has to pick up their play, especially with Brady Smith returning to an aggressive Atlanta front 4.

- STOP THE RUN- We must stop Warrick Dunn and make the Falcons a passing team to win. If the Falcons are able to run on us it opens the playbook wide open for the Falcons, and makes Vick all the more dangerous with his legs against a defense that is on its heels.

- CONTAIN VICK - The saints have good tape to look at this week to see how to do it. The Giants did an outstanding job of containing him, even though they came up short last week. They did it with blitzes, but controlled blitzes to where the DE's stayed "home" to contain him. Hopefully this strategy will be repeated this week. If we can stop the run.........

Players to watch
CB Mike McKenzie - If he returns to action this week, and hopefully he will, he should be able to neutralize WR Price. He was a big difference maker against the Chiefs, and should turn out to have the same kind of impact if he plays Sunday.

TE Alge Crumpler - TE's have been killing us all season, and we're up against another elite TE again this week. Of anybody on this team, he scares me the most. If there is a big play in the passing game coming from the falcons, he will most likely be on the recieving end of it.

QB Aaron Brooks - Look for him to get his "A" game on against his cousin. He was a big part in the debacle last week, and the dude can't help but think he will try and redeem himself this week.

WR Donte Stallworth - He had a great game last week despite dropping a crucial deep ball towards the end. Can he replicate that performance and finally punch one in for 6? Here is hoping so.......

Bold Prediction: Saints 28 Falcons 23


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