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Friday, November 19, 2004

Saints - Week 11 Analysis vs. Broncos

Vegas: Denver by 4pts

BRONCOS TEAM RANK: Rushing Offense -- 137.8 yards per game (6th in NFL); Passing Offense -- 248.1 ypg (8th); Total Offense -- 385.9 ypg (5th). Rushing Defense -- 106.1 ypg (8th); Passing Defense -- 168.1 ypg (2nd); Total Defense -- 274.2 ypg (3rd)
SAINTS TEAM RANK: Rushing Offense -- 93.6 yards per game (26th); Passing Offense -- 226.0 ypg (13th); Total Offense -- 319.6 ypg (19th). Rushing Defense -- 149.0 ypg (32nd); Passing Defense -- 275.0 ypg (32nd); Total Defense -- 424.0 ypg (32nd).

OUT: DT Luther Elliss (Calf) ; DE Trevor Pryce (Back)
QUESTIONABLE: FS John Lynch (Back)
DOUBTFUL: OLB Derrick Rodgers (Back)
QUESTIONABLE: TE Ernie Conwell (Shoulder) ; SS Steve Gleason (Hamstring) ; WR Joe Horn (Knee) {You know he will play as well as I do} ; CB Mike McKenzie (Knee)
PROBABLE: RB Deuce McAllister (Flu)

Duder's Keys to Victory

- FILL THE GAPS: The saints have had a hard time in recent history with Mike Shannahan's zone blocking run attack. The last meeting b/t these two teams in the dome(2000) FB Mike Anderson rushed for 254yds and people are looking for a repeat this Sunday. In order to stop Droughns this week, our DB's and LB's must fill the gaps created by the zone blocks. Run blitzes might be a good option this week.

- GET TO JAKE PLUMMER: Yes, for the third week in a row, I am saying we need a pass rush. I'll stop mentioning it when we aquire one. This is a good week for pass rushing, b/c our line is primarily built on strength, and the Denver O line is undersized but quick. We should be able to bull rush the Denver O line effectively. Hopefully Howard will be ready to go.....

- GIVE DUECE THE DAMN BALL!: Could someone tell me why Duece didn't touch the ball until the end of the 1st qtr last week? And then he rushed for 28yds on his first carry.....16 carries is not enough touches for the most talented player on the squad.

- ROLL OUT: Our O line is playing pathetically, especially picking up blitzes, so we should probably be running Aaron out on bootlegs or controlled rollouts. He seems to throw better in rhythm when rolling out anyway......

- STRETCH THE FIELD: We've got speedy recievers, so lets stretch the field a little. We actually did a decent job of this last week, and I'm hoping that we do it again even more this week.

Players to watch

DE Charles Grant - look for him to have another impact game against the undersized Denver O line. He should be good for a sack in this one. I just hope he holds up the run as well.

RB Deuce McAllister - If he gets 20+ touches he will surpass the century mark, because he is healthy and back in rare form. Will they involve him enough early? Who knows with this coaching staff.....

RB Reuben Droughns - If history repeats itself, which I hope it won't, then he will have a monster day against the hapless Saints defensive front.

TE Boo Williams - he is becoming Aarons favorite target again. If we establish the run early, Boo and Joe Horn (yeah, you know he's gonna play) will benefit from the play action pass the most.

Bold Prediction: Saints 34 Broncos 30


At 1:43 PM, Blogger Hristo said...

i don't think they'll be able to give up 500yds. total offense and win this week. the broncos defense is a little better than KC's and, well, you can't give up 250yds. on the ground and expect to win. and believe me, Droughns will have a huge week. However, i agree with you that Deuce needs to touch the ball 25 times a game. i don't care if they try and run an oft ill-fated screen play, just get the ball to deuce.

At 11:08 PM, Blogger Hisdudeness said...

I agree, there is no way that we give up 500yds and win this week. But Droughns will get his yards. There is just nothing that has happened this season or last to indicate that he won't. I just hope we hold them to field goals and don't give up touchdowns. If Duece doesn't get 20 touches, McCarthy should be committed to an insane asylum. I wanted to pull my hair out last week, when they just flat out refused to give the man the ball. Whaddya think the score is gonna be? I'm hoping that in the future we can use this blog to re-establish our tradition of pre-game predictions. The saints need all the luck they can get, and I miss those Saturday nights at Mel's. Peace out!


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