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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Saints - Saints lay another egg against Broncos, Benson disgusted

Well folks, the saints shot themselves in the foot in every way possible today. It started off ugly with an inept opening drive and giving up a touchdown on the Broncos first play of the game. It was pretty much downhill from there, with the saints flirting with getting back into the game from time to time only to shoot themselves in the foot again. Brooks was horrible when pressured (which was pretty much all game), Stallworth played well but missed a game turning catch, Duece was rendered useless by the score, and our defense stunk as usual. And all of our division rivals won today. We now sit third in the division with even the Panthers only one game behind us. The chopping block might be coming down on Haslett sooner than later. Don't think so? Well then you might want to check out Mr. Bensons postgame comments which were short and to the point. Mr. Benson stated than in his twenty years as a owner of this team he hasn't seen a team play worse and went on to say that, "They played like a high-school team, and that is where they belong". Well said Mr. Benson, now raise some hell and hold some folks accountable.

I'll try and give some bright and low spots of the game:

Bright Spots
- Aaron threw the ball accurately when he had time
- Stallworth played well, and seemed to have a little swagger again
- Joe Horn is a warrior, and put up a gutsy performance against the best CB in football
- Charles Grant and Will Smith both played hard
- Tebucky Jones had a solid outing as did CB Jason Craft
- We have 5 division games left, and a slight chance to pull off a miracle

Low Spots
- Brooks' decisions under pressure are unexplainable and idiotic
- Our offensive tackles are horrible
- Bentley got blown up almost all game
- Stallworth still can't seem to make the big plays under pressure
- Sullivan was dancing on the sidelines and didn't play or really care as usual
- Fred Thomas got abused in coverage yet again
- Micheal Lewis made some bad decisions fielding the ball, and coughed it up once for good measure
- You know you're defense is bad when your fans get excited about a 3yd Denver run on first down

We had our opportunities to get back into this one, we are just a bad team. I hate to admit it, but it is what it is.......Dude out

Click here for postgame conference and interviews


At 8:28 PM, Blogger Hristo said...

i am encouraged by your optimism mr. dude. however, it was only a matter of time before the panthers crept up on the saints and the bucs and falcons gained some distance. if our team wins one more game this year, i'll be surprised. the team has given up on haslett and that is not a good sign. unless, like me, you want haslett gone. i don't think enough blame is put on his shoulders. it all seems to go to brooks. it was only this past offseason that fans and the media seemed to realize that our linebacking corps was two nothces below crap. i think that all stems from haslett's post game comments of, "i don't know what's wrong. we call the right plays, the players just don't execute." wow, what leadership! and then he has the balls to call out his QB and say he needs to be more of a leader. man, i was blind when he said things like that. i ate 'em up because i thought he had this team heading in the right direction. i should have known comments like that were not a good sign. now, we're stuck in a dead end season and looking at rebuilding. the only good thing that haslett did was to bring in talent. he didn't develop any talent, but the next coach would have something to work with.


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