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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Saints - Rumor Mill - Haslett to Remain Coach...Saban coach next year?

According to Pro Football, Haslett will not step down or be fired, and Nick Saban has been considered by Benson to be next years coach. Why take this with a grain of salt? Because they also mention that Saban is a New Orleans native. News to me.....

League officials informed late Tuesday night that Saints owner Tom Benson has no intention of firing head coach Jim Haslett this season and Haslett has no intention of stepping down. Rumors have been circulating around New Orleans that Benson will fire Haslett who currently has the Saints at a 3-5 record and tied with Tampa for second place in the NFC South. The Saints have allowed 234 points so far this season which is an NFC worst and certainly has Haslett on the edge of his seat if they do not make the playoffs. Benson if he does fire Haslett will not do so until the end of the year and has already been considering Nick Saban ( a New Orleans native) the best possible replacement as of now.

BTW, the ESPN Power Rankings are in and here is what they had to say about my team:

Saints 28 (21) - We're really not sure how people can root for this team. It must make you sick to your stomach

F*cking A dude, f*cking A


At 3:01 PM, Blogger Hristo said...

do you think there is any way that Tom Benson can come up with the kind of cash to lure Mr. Saban away from Baton Rouge? I mean, the TAF could probably raise enough money to buy a small country to keep him. btw, who did Saban coach under at the browns? it was the browns right?

At 10:51 PM, Blogger Hisdudeness said...

Hey Hristo,

Yeah, he coached under Bilicheck in Cleveland. He also was under Glanville in Houston. I don't see it happening, although it would be damn nice...


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