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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Pharmacists refusing to fill birth control pills becoming more widespread

I can almost understand if a particular pharmacist doesn't want to prescribe medicine that he or she believes it is harmful to the patient. But, under law, they are supposed to pass on this prescription to another pharmacist to fill it. This is not happening in many cases, and that is disturbing. It is taking it way to far to block somebody's right to purchase a legal drug for personal reasons. How far is this going to go? There are a few rounds of legal action around the country that will set the stage for the way this country will handle it. I'm no lawyer by any means, but obstruction is a clear concept and is not upheld by the constitution. I hope the legal ramifications are swift and clear. There should be no tolerance for healthcare professionals imposing there morals on patients to the point of obstructing their right to healthcare and the products associated with it.

Link: USA Today

Another specific case here: El Paso Times


At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I happen to be a healthcare professional from Missouri. I refuse to prescribe emergency contraception both out of moral and safety concerns. I feel it is equivalent to abortion and I will not participate in that. I am also not convinced that the doseages of drugs required are safe. I support the Pharmacists 100%. Just as women in this country have the right to choose, so should the pharmacist. I tell patients who come to see me that they will have to seek that care elsewhere. The pharmacists should have the same right. They can, in most cases, go to another pharmacy.


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