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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Holy Grilled Cheese! - Thats on E-bay!

Well, what can you really say here? There is a grilled cheese sandwhich up for bid on E-bay again, with the image of the virgin mary. It was pulled earlier in the week for violating E-bay policies, but is back on it today. The top bid before was over 20k, and I think now it is over 5k. The disturbing thing is that this isn't a joke. Diana Duyser, the current owner of the divine sandwhich, has had it for over 10 years on her nightstand. And people are bidding for thousands of dollars. What's next? I'll tell you, in about 10 minutes there will be a P&J sandwhich with the image of Jesus on it. Why stop with sandwhiches though? There are a myraid of other worthy food items that are just waiting to depict their holy images. And now if you'll excuse me, I have a "special" sandwhich to make.


The holy sandwhich:

The Ebay outfall:


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