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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Environment - "Red List" Report for 2004; Over 15,000 species threatened with extinction

15,589 spp to be exact. Here are some startling statistics, 1:3 amphibians and almost half of all freshwater turtles are threatened to become extinct. The list isn't all doom and gloom though. It also shows that worldwide conservation efforts are working with various species of migratory birds that were deemed "threatened" in 2003. All I know is that I sure hope this guy is right:

"Governments are starting to realize the value of biodiversity and the critical roles it plays in their people's well-being," said David Brackett, head of the IUCN's Species Survival Commission.

I sure hope so. The more we thin out the natural diversity in our surrounding ecosystems, the more fragile they become making us all susceptible to spreading famine, disease, drought, and natural disasters. Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, our health is still very much dependent on the health of the environment around us. The consequences of dismantling and weakening our surrounding ecosystems are out there already. And, the more species we remove from them, the harsher the consequences are and they become harder to repair and maintain. I know I'm ranting, but I sincerely hope more and more people will start to wake up to this fact. As a race, we are so far removed from our surroundings that I feel like we almost feel above the system that essentially keeps us alive. That is just plain and simply false. Rant over, dude out....



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