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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Duder's Tunes

Those of you who know me well know that the dude loves his music. So, I'll be posting music on here from time to time as you might imagine. I'm always trying to find that new band that reminds me that rock n roll has not been surrendered to the Ashlee Simpsons of this world, and as I think I find them I'll be posting them here. My musical horizons also strectch out into R&B, Rap, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Metal, and the occasional Electronica track. I'll try to keep the picks eclectic as time goes on. Right now here is a taste of what I'm listening to right now:

A UK band that infuses hard rock and electronica to produce an epic sound that is enhanced by infusing a classical piano and keyboards to give a real deep dramatic feel to the music. Their new album "Absolution" is a great listen from front to back. If you like bands like Radiohead and The Killers, then you'll love this group. They have a great website, take a listen: Muse

The Return of Ja
It seems that Ja Rule has finally put the beef behind him and gotten back to his old form. In no song is that more apparant than in the track "New York". (click to listen) I don't know who layed that track down, but it is sick. Fat Joe and Jadakiss also lend their hand in the track that I think puts Ja Rule back on the Hip-Hop map. The new album is "R.U.L.E.", which is very telling b/c his sound is back to his "Venni Vetti Vecci" days. I personally am glad to see him back to his old, raw form.


At 11:44 PM, Blogger aurawind said...

Listened to muse, I like their song "Time is running out". I haven't heard much else from them.

At 10:36 AM, Blogger Hristo said...

muse is awesome. i hope they can find a foothold in the states so we can enjoy their music for the next few years. btw, they are scheduled to play in atlanta with velvet revolver in Dec. The Dude should make a trip up here to see them.


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