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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Dude, Where's my Country?

More like, where is my country going? After enduring the sick feeling in my stomach over the past few days due to the re-election of Mr. Bush, I have decided to join my friends and siblings in the blogosphere in order to vent my frustrations about the world around me. You can expect everything on this blog to have a hint of "Lebowski" in it, as it is my favorite movie of all time(The Big Lebowski) , and I find myself feeling more and more like "The dude" these days. All the dude wants is his country back. Has fear really overtaken us so much, that we can look at the mess that GWB has made of this country and say it is ok because we haven't gotten attacked again? The answer of course is a resounding yes. The thing that bothers me the most are the people that defend this mentality by saying: (a) We took the fight to them, so that is a good thing, therefore he is a better option for national security. (b) Well, the war in Iraq might not have been neccessary, but we need someone in office who will do this thing right.

The (b) people are who bother me the most. Lets put it in perspective, with plumbing of course. Lets say that you have leaky pipe in your bathroom, causing water to get in your bedroom and call a plumber, George. Well, George found that the pipe leaking was coming from your sink (Afganistan), so he patched it up with chewing gum and took a hammer to the piping in your toilet(Iraq). Well, water is now all over the place (terrorism), so he seals in the bathroom, crawls out of a window and blames it on the contractors who built the house. Now, faced with fixing your water problem (terrorism), whould you give ol' George a call to come in and fix the entire situation? I wouldn't.....Plumbing and the war on terror, one in the same....I wonder why Kerry didn't use this analogy?

Seriously, what has this country just said as a whole? We turned out in record numbers to say we want George W Bush for four more years. What does that say about are country's voice? Fear and false moral agenda's have overtaken the mass populous like a plague. A virtual theoracy is in place, with a man in office who feels like he is on a mission from god, and that is his mandate. Just for something to chew on, here is a look at an Arab publications perspective on the matter.


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