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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Condolences to the Raider Nation - Brooks makes his Raider debut

Well, his offensive line and offensive coordinator didn't do him any favor's, but he looked like the same ol' AB to me. He still takes too long to make decisions, falls over at the slightest touch like a drunk man standing on a skate board, and still just shrugs off his miscues like he is just counting the minutes until he gets to "clock out" again and cash that paycheck.

Maybe I'm being a little harsh on the guy, but it is a shame to watch someone with all of the physical tools to be great, but none of the mental. I just feel sorry for raider fans. I know the feeling; it's like being really excited after getting a brand new sportscar with all of the buttons and whistle's, only to find out when you take it for a drive that there's nothing under the hood.

I have a feeling his welcome, if not worn out already, is on it's way. He used to always make backhanded comments on how tough the fans were on him in New Orleans. I have a feeling that the fans in Oakland are going to show him how tough fans can get when you don't perform on the field.

The dude's advice to the raiders: no matter how strong his arm is, how quick he is, or how spectacular he might look at times, it'll never add up to the mistakes and miscues he makes. Cut your losses and move on to plan B before it gets uglier.

-Dude out

FYI - Midterm election scorecard has a great article from last friday with recent polling figures for the upcoming midterm races.

Mud Slinging - GOP to step up negative ads for upcoming elections

With Republican candidates losing favor in many polls across the country, and sixty days left until pivotal house and senate elections, the republicans are reaching deep to hold their incumbents...........into the mud. They are fixing to spend 50 million dollars on ads meant to "define" opponents negatively. While this is nothing new, it does surprise me the candor that the GOP is showing while outwardly stooping as low as they are right now. And it is all due to the fact that their internal polling has alarmingly indicated that many of their incumbents are getting less than 45% of the vote.

It seems to me that maybe they should try on focusing on the problems with their own policies and promoting their superior vision and morality, like they have been since they harnessed the power of conservative Christian movement during the Reagan's rise to the presidency many years ago. But, with their backs against the wall, the party representing the supposed "moral majority" is reaching deep in dirt to do some ol' fashioned mudslinging. Be careful now GOP, some of that mud might end up on yourselves if you're not careful. Here's hoping so.....

- Dude out

LINK:Washington Post

Monday, September 11, 2006

Saints beat Browns - a few notables

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Well, it looks like the saints could start proving "experts" wrong on a frequent basis this year. Although the end result wasn't all that impressive, and it was against a Browns team struggling to find its identity, the win did tell me a few things about this saints team that I don't think anyone expected:

- The saints defense isn't as bad as advertised. They did a great job stopping the run, and limited the Browns to 85yds rushing, most of which came by their QB on desperate scrambles (44yds). All in all the defense held them to under 200yds of total offense, which will be good enough for a win most weeks.

- I said before this game that it would be Marques Colston's coming out party. A seventh round draft pick out of HOFSTRA, this 6'1" 235lb athletic WR will be a name to remember as the season moves on. He is the reason why the saints were so willing to deal Donte Stallworth. His stats weren't spectacular (49yds rec ; 1 TD), but he made some key catches using his size that Stallworth doesn't make. Drew Brees loves big targets, and he is a sure-handed big target that is sure to be utilized more and more as this season progresses.

- Duece is back in form. A lot of attention will deservingly be placed on Reggie Bush, but Duece showed he is back to pro-bowl form. Duece and Reggie combined for over 150 yds rushing, and both averaged over 4yds a carry. The saints rushing attack will rank in the top 5 this year, mark it down.

- Our offensive line is pretty good. Brees was never sacked or really pressured for that matter. One overlooked player will be rookie guard Jahri Evans. He is a wonderful surprise and is dominating his side of the line. Again, this is something the sportscasting world will take a while to catch up with. They seem to think that our line stinks when they have actually been playing solid all through the pre-season and now into the first game of the regular season.

As always there were also a few areas that need some improvement:

- Pass coverage: CB Mike McKensie is still getting caught 5yds off the ball a bunch. Now I know CB's are supposed to keep plays in front of them, but he is taking that a little too far at the moment. On the bright side, our young safeties look like they are going to be solid.

- Drew Brees: He was a little off today. He botched a number of timing routes, doing WR Joe Horn a disservice on at least 3 plays. I know he isn't 100% yet, and it showed today. He should get better as the season goes on......

- Anyone know any good fullbacks? Both our starting fullback, Mike Karney, and backup (Keith Joseph) went down with injuries before the 2nd half. Hopefully one of them will be ready to go next week.

All in all, it was a game we statistically dominated, and dominated at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. The score really doesn't show either. The saints need to work on the red zone offense and start putting up touchdowns instead of fieldgoals, and it will start to show on the scoreboard more too. Make no mistake, the team has a way to go to be contenders, but the writing on the wall is that they are going to get there sooner than later.

Oh yeah, that Reggie Bush kid is pretty good too..........

- Dude out

Friday, September 08, 2006

Fox fixes mistake - Fan gets truck

Looks like the folks at fox finally did the right thing and gave catman a truck. I'm glad that they decided to do the right thing here, no matter how late the response, they still did right in the end. As much as I admittingly despise the network, thumbs up to Fox management recognizing the situation for what it was, and for reprimanding the folks who tactlessly went about the prank. Hopefully they'll do a little background check on the next person they pull a stunt on. Something tells me that won't be for quite a while......

LINK:Duped fan gets truck

Fox shows its class yet again - Fan cruely tricked by foxsports team

File this one under plain cruel and tasteless. During the Panthers vs. Dolphin preseason game on Aug 24th, the foxsports team decided to play a cruel trick on one of the most famous and endearing panther fans. During the game they made special announcement that they were going to give a car away during the game. Well, to make a long story short, they ended giving a toy car to Greg Good aka "Catman". The problem is that they totally convinced this poor guy he was going to get a real car. To make things worse, the guy could really use a new car.

Let's have a quick profile of the man that they decided it was a good idea to trick: He is a 49 year old man with three kids whose job is a social worker of sorts working with troubled children for a mental health agency. His car: a 1991 Chevy Astro with over 130,000 miles on it. This poor guy could really use that car. What a bunch of shmucks!

So, you think they'll do the right thing in the end right? So far, the answer to that question is a resounding NO. All they offered the poor guy is an apology. Is there a lawyer in the house?

This aggression will not stand FOX!

-Dude out
LINK:Panther fan tricked by foxsports

It was only a matter of time - Roof escape hatches now being sold

Well, I guess it is a sign of the times we live in the gulf south. Bound to happen sooner than later, a local inventor/roofer has now started fabricating and installing sheet metal escape hatches on residential houses. Evidentially, these hatches meet standards for "roof accessories". Look for these "accessories" across the gulf corridor.

At least this is a case of a local entrepreneur ceasing an opportunity from Katrina's aftermath vs. the thousands of outside companies and contractors exporting our rebuilding dollars outside of the state. But, that is a topic for another rant on another day............

Dude out

LINK: :Home roof hatch

NO Revival - Saints Nearly Sell Out Season Tickets

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Now we saints fans catch a lot of flack from other folks around the country due to our lack of success over the years, but one thing is for sure: saints fans are the most tested, loyal, and prideful fans in the NFL. Through thick and thin we stick with our team, and after one of the most devestating natural disasters in our country's history, we have now set a record for season tickets sold at over 65K.

After all of the drama surrounding the team last year regarding relocation to San Antonio, a dismal 3 win season, and more questions than answers surrounding the team in general, the fans have stepped it up again at a time where fans have precious little to give.

And for the large part it goes unoticed in the national media, both sports and mainstream news alike. To me it is a powerful gesture of hope and renewed spirit in the city and surrounding area that his been kicked down time and time again. Wanna know if New Orleans has the character and will to come back stronger and better than ever? Look no further than the Superdome on Sundays, especially on Sept 25th for a historical Monday night when New Orleans will make its voice heard en masse. You might want to keep your eye on a guy named Reggie...............

Link: Saints close to sell out for season

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My new Idol

What possibly could be better than the self deluded bumbling fools that attract more Americans to vote than a presidential election? Well, British ones of course!

England's Emenim

I want to propose an all-white rap group comprised of the following members: Vanilla Ice, Kevin Federline, Snow, Mark Wahlberg, and the dude in the video above. I'll dub them the "Lima Beans" as an homage to the Black Eyed Peas. We'll make millions I tell ya, millions! Call me dog!

-Dude out

The dude revives

The dude now awakens from a long haitus. Rattled and washed out by Katrina, and weary of all work and no bowling, the dude returns to the blogoshpere. (I apologize to all of my former english teachers for the following switch from 3rd to 1st person)

Now that I have a bit more time, hopefully I'll be able to post here a bit more regularly and share the occasional thought (they do happen), frustrations, news, odd's & inn's, and maybe I can muster some humor somewhere in here. Those who stumble upon here I hope find something endearing to occupy your time........if not it's really big here in cyberspace. REALLY BIG. Move on

- Dude out

Monday, April 18, 2005


Back from travel now, so I should be able to post a little more regularly. Just thought I'd share this weird little tidbit I've run across on It is the Badonkadonk Tank/Landcruiser, available now for $19,999.95!!!!! The customer reviews are priceless.....enjoy!! More later...dude out


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Weird fish wash up in wake of tsunami

Turns out the title is not the case, but these images are still fascinating. They are pictures of various deep sea creatures, not necessarily washed up by the tsunami. Nevertheless, they are great reminders of how little we know and understand the organisms and ecosystems beneath the ground and water. These deep sea organisms are just glimpse of what strange creatures the deep ocean habitats hold in the darkness.


Traveling Dude......Timshel come back!!!!!!!!!!

No I haven't quit blogging again, I've just gotten over some much enjoyed family visitation and am now on travel in the great state of Alabama. I'm sorry to say that I can't say the same for my good blogging buddy Ricky Prado and his blog Timshel. Seems that Ricky is hanging it up until he has a little more spare time to devote to blogging. Well there goes my source of LA political updates! On a more personal note, Ricky is a good friend of mine from back in the "gret stet" that I grew up in, and I will miss being able to view his thoughts on a regular basis. Well, back to blogging....which will be intermittent while I'm in AL.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It was only a matter of time.......Jesse Jackson joins fight to save Terri Schiavo

Well, the circus that has become Terri Schiavo and her family, has come to its pinnacle. Rev. Jesse Jackson has offered his support in the effort to reinsert the feeding tube that was artificially keeping a terminally braindamaged and non-cognitive Terri Schaivo alive. Although it is not a surprise to see the civil-rights leader side with Schiavo's parents, being that he is Jesse Jackson, it is a surprise to see how much he really doesn't understand the situation:

In his statement, Jackson added, "a consistent moral and ethical position would extend a feeding tube to all who are confronted with starvation -- to demand public, government policy to feed the hungry."

This begs the question: Is Terri Schiavo hungry? She certainly has no way of expressing it. This probably has something to do with the fact that she is braindead, and not concious of her surroundings or self. This is the consensus of the medical community which has looked at this case over and over again. Why is it so bad to let someone die a natural death Jesse? Many people die in this fashion peacefully, it is the way that a good deal of us will pass away. Why not let her pass on to a better life in the thereafter? It is what naturally would have happened long ago. Why do some of us who feel so strongly about our religious beliefs, struggle so mightily to stay God's hand? For the love of God, let this poor woman die in peace.